Saturday, February 27, 2010

Haiti - From the Ground Today 2/27/10

Today Sonja Nuttalk (from Urban Zen Foundation) and Marc went to 82nd and Airbourne.

The following is a text message from Sonja:

"For me the the most horrid story was the great fear of the rain, more disease, more sickness.... there is an overwhelming number people in one compound. The hospitals need more help, the doctors are doing everything they can... We were told by a nurse that there are problems with women being raped, they hear their screams at night.

The Government believes they are controlling things, but there is so much that needs to be done.

This was our first day here. Tomorrow is another day. Thank you Marc, God bless you."

generous support from Urban Zen, Judy Casey, Inc., DR Management, and A Stronger Haiti

Haiti Hope Resilience

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