Friday, February 12, 2010

Earthquake Haiti aka "Goodoo Goodoo"

3 weeks after the quake... I had been pacing the floor here in New York I had to get Home. I had to check on my aunt's house, make sure my Te-tet was OK, and see first hand what I could do to help my people... my country.

The angels are singing proud and strong. This is Hope for better days ahead. We start the journey but our children's children are going to rebuild Haiti.

You could never imagine the scale of the devastation, it's like someone dropped an atomic bomb in Port Au Prince.

Within the rubble there's more of our brothers and sister that have moved on, and the number is rising 500,000 plus.

Still we have hope and resilience to carry us through, and that's the truth. Haiti will never die.

Love to Babas - Junior - Fritz - Naike Leger - Jogane
Lesly Zamore
Sonja Nuttalk - Michelle Jean - DK


and Alison Thompson for their support while I was in Haiti.

Shelter Box is ever present throughout Haiti with tent camps.

Tabou Combo in NYC for being present for fundraising efforts in NYC.

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  1. It must be devastating to see your homeland in such state, my well wishes to your people and their country!