Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Stronger Haiti

Thank you Marc for sharing your story of Haiti!

We were just on the phone with Marc Baptiste, he is a photographer friend who is in Haiti on a mission to document what is going on, he went with cash in small bills to give out, some of his own, some from A Stronger which is a non profit organization we formed to help raise funds and aid in the rebuilding effort.

Marc was speaking with a woman who said she is having her period and only has newspaper to use to prevent it from running down her leg. She asked for diapers and sanitary napkins. Also, he had to stop a woman that was filling her baby’s bottle from the mud puddle, and hand her bottles of fresh water.

The food and water is in the US barracks, they are afraid of going into the towns because they don't know what they are going to face there. Marc was able to connect with Sean Penn and the sergeant in charge and get some food and water to our colleague Fritz in Leoganne so he could distribute to the towns people.

The major organizations are doing their best, but right now the focus is on medical work, and the people’s needs are greater than even I imagined.

This story is no longer in the headlines, but please forward this to anyone you know who will listen, and ask them please to donate what they can, it is desperately needed. Anyone can donate at A Stronger Haiti and we will continue to fund projects that are making a difference in the lives of the people TODAY. You can look at our blog on the website and see the two water projects that we have already completed in Leoganne.

Also, we want to mention another foundation making a huge difference, that Marc saw is…. shelterbox who is making a huge impact with tents and survival supplies all over port-au-prince and other cities!

Marc also visited a school built and ran by Edeyo He was proud to see their good work and the care that their doctors are administering to the people. This is the hard work of Unik Ernest and members of his foundation. Thank you!

We will support their efforts 100%

Marc, thank you again for these images and the support that you brought to the people in Haiti.

Also, special thanks to Fritz Pierre-Louis for what he has done and for making our contributions go to work immediately for the people.

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  1. There are many Haitian-Americans who have taken up the courage to leave their families (and children who beg them not to go out of fear) to go to the aid of Haiti. I'm a neighbor of Marc's. I am so proud of him--his drive, passion and will to confront this historical catastrophe, facing its horror. He is my hero -- I'm living this moment vicariously through him feeling 'stuck' in New York with work and family responsibilities. I love you Marc! You are the man!